All games will follow US Lacrosse rules

Game Duration

Be prepared to play when you step on the field.
To keep the schedule, there is very little warm-up time allowed before each game.

Games will run 20-minute halves, 2 minutes between halves, 8 minutes between games.

Game Details

  • Modified checking
  • No passes necessary
  • No goals per player limit
  • A tie at the end of regulation time ends in a tie
  • Referees keep clock and score on the field

Reporting scores

The winning team reports score at the end of the game to the central information tent (located North of the Back Field).

Tournament Winners

The U14 tournament winners for both the morning pool and the afternoon pool will be calculated based games won. Each game one is worth 2 points. In case of a tie, each team is awarded 1 point.

If teams have the same number of wins/points, the tiebreaker will be calculated by using goal differential (goals for − goals against).

In the case that two teams have the same number of points and goal differential, the tiebreaker will then be most goals for.

Field locations

  • Front Field – (in front of the school), immediately west of the building
  • Back Field – (in back of school), immediately east of the building
  • Upper Field – (directly behind baseball field), high field east of the back field.
  • The Pit – directly east of baseball field